Let you go your fantasy and you’ll live all

these magic adventures with them!

A world of more than 1200!original tales for the evolution and creativity of your child!
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Latest published Martino tales:

Martino gets a new car

(from “Martino Adventures” series

Martino, Elena and dad are going to buy a new car.

Martino Melodies!

(from short video series)

In this video you can listen to the charming melodies and themes of each Martino Tales protagonist.

Martino and the Protagonists

(from “Martino is a writer” series

Elena, Luigi Felix and Ian are talking with Martino about some writing rules.

Martino interviews himself

(from “Martino interviewes” series

This morning Martino woke up with an interesting idea: become an interviewer!

TOP tales:
Martino and the protagonists
Martino and the new outfit
Martino and Rossini
Martino and the bicycle
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Welcome! Welcome to the Magic World of Martino Tales!
A place full of surprises and  funny adventures, 
where nothing is impossible!curiosities.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0

Discover this place, enter in this curious world,

you’ll happily smile and laugh reading the tales

of Martin and his friends!

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