Martino Tales”, from an idea by Nicola Gomirato, is formed by a group of five friends, around whom all the expressions of a life full of curiosity, adventures, moments of reflection, of observation outside and inside ourselves are circling.

The main protagonist is Martino, a child whose age is around eight years old. Martino is an active observer. He wants to know, understand, obtain the knowledge of the subject of his curiosity to then talk about it with someone else, thus elaborating the knowledge.

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Elena is Martino little sister, around six and a half years old. If Martino is an observer with, often, his head in the clouds, Elena is the rational observer, always ready to take part in her brother's adventures, by so doing pointing out the initial natural contradictions of an expansive observer as his brother is. Elena is composed, more linear in the way to be, precise anyhow with a sweet and gentle character.

Luigi is one of Martino three friends, met in a party - a fire brigade demonstration, become straight away an excellent alley to make the adventures with friends more interesting.  Luigi likes to play with words, he has much inventiveness and he likes to act. His expansive and cheerful character allows him to be an excellent link between the small group of friends and the exterior. Luigi, infact, is the presenter of the little shows that, each Saturday, the five friends show to a public of parents and pleased interested children. Many of those shows are some of Luigi's"solos", an enthusiastic narrator, those often invented by him on the spot.

Felix is another protagonist of the quintet. Felix is a mathematician, he likes a lot to think, and talk about the wonders belonging to the maths'world. Often, Martino finds him in the park, sitting leaning against the park's main tree - a big  magnolia, meeting place of the five friends - while he's writing a short musical composition. Yes, Felix is also a composer, he divides his main interest with music. Are there maths difficoulties? Here's when friends talk about it with Felix. If Luigi can be considered the fantasy genius, Felix can be considered the rational genius of the group. Excellent connoisseur of the musical world actively participating to the Saturday's little shows.

Ian is the curiosity bringer outside the group. Ian is a traveller, often he accompanies his dad during long journeys around the world and, returning home, he meets friends straight away to tell his adventures, discoveries, wonders seen in the visited Countries. Ian is also a skater, he plays the cello and enthusiastically joins the adventures of the little group.

Every now and then, during the activities of the five friends, participates also Lexie, Ian's little cousin, a curious child - who ice skates - of Elena's same age, also attracted by the beauty of music, a topic often present in the five friends' discussions.

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