Martino and Rossini

Martino, Elena and his dad have just listen on the radio a beautiful and fun music

'What beautiful music, fast and enjoyable!", says Martino

"Even witty and dancer!" says Elena. "The composer who wrote this music," says daddy, "is ... hm, before to tell you, what kind of person do you think was this composer?" "Surely a funny person," says Martino," He liked to run and dance, "says Elena.

"If he was a runner I don't know," says dad, "because he was a gentleman very big and large, but he was really nice! And surely he liked to dance!" - "So, who was it, Dad? " asks Martino.

"It was a very good ... cook!" "What?"  exclaim surprised the two children. "His name is Gioacchino Rossini, and the music that we have just heard is one of his compositions more known, the William Tell" - "Rossini was a cook musician?" repeated Martino, still surprised.

"Well, he liked a lot to cook" says Dad. "During his cooking activity he was thinking about some music to write after eating, and many times it happened that, after a delicious dish of spaghetti with tomato sauce and fresh basil, beautiful melodies jumped out of his mind!

"How much beautiful music he wrote?" asks Elena. "All of this music is beautiful! Rossini wrote many compositions "-" That means Rossini has cooked a lot of food!", intervenes Martino. "And eat a lot of food, you should have seen his large belly," said Dad, "and the belly of his guest friends, everyone knew Gioacchino Rossini for his beautiful music and for his excellent cuisine!" -

"And all his music is beautiful!" says Elena. "Then," said Martin, "I try to imagine how he got the idea to write the William Tell". Oh, ​​interesting, think Elena and dad, now we're listening to Martino's fantasy!

"The William Tell is a music that starts slow" starts Martino, "and then immediately becomes beautiful and fast. It went like this: Rossini wanted to prepare his favorite dish, chicken and chips. Potatoes had, even chickens, so he had to take a live chicken from his garden for cooking. Slowly, Rossini approaches a hen and she slowly moves away, worried. Rossini walks a bit faster, and the hen continues to get away from him. Ah yes, says Rossini, don't want to get caught? Now I'll take it! Immediately, Rossini with his big ​​belly begins to run faster, and the hen, understanding very well the intentions of Gioacchino, began to scamper quickly, clucking very loud. Rossini runs, runs the hen fluttering. And that's how he got the idea of this beautiful music! "

"And how did it go?" asks Elena laughing. "Well, after a while Rossini was sitting at the table to write the music" - "And the chicken?" - "The hen? Oh, she was all quiet clucking happily curled up on the window sill, looking Rossini eating only potato chips while he wrote the William Tell!"

Martino and Rossini, © 2012

reader: Hallo, author of Martin’s World!, we readers have a little question: who is Rossini?

author: Thank You, reader, for your proper question. I can tell you something about Rossini. Gioacchino Rossini is an Italian Composer lived 200 years ago. He wrote many music compositions, from Opera to Concerts, Piano pieces, Chamber and Vocal Music. We have here one of his photos so, in the reality, you can observe his imperious “mole”. And, as you can see, he surely was a “great” composer, starting with music and passing throught with his other passion, cooking!

Gioacchino Rossini, 1797 - 1868

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Martin and Rossini is one of the tales from the series "Martin and the Composers", made​​up of more than 50 short stories.

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