Nicola Gomirato, ©2008-2022

Many have enthusiastically given their willingness to cooperate in the development and diffusion of Martin’s World!

Below names and, if present, I point out the link to their personal website

Silvia Gomirato, general organization, art design and editor, the operative director of Martin’s World. (link)

Magico Paky, excellent magician. Expert about child's manuality skills and organization of educational shows. (link),

Dr. Onur Tutulmaz, translator, University professor, enthusiast supporter of Martin’s World! (link)

Francesco Candiz, graphic, writer, lover of our beautiful mountains, with its beautiful stories sensitizes the children’s mind to nature and its purity (link)

Elisa Mori, full range editor, an artist that jumps easily from music to painting and educational theorical skills. (link)

Maria Elena Ferrari, biologist, illustrator, lover of animals, nature and design (link)

Joyceline Sherwood, translator, artist anglo-italian, splitting her time between traductions and painting (here her website)

Noemí Carrau, translator and illustrator (go to her website)

Claudio Tabasso, illustrator, longtime friend of the author. (go to his link)

Kasandra, illustrator (a journey with her paintings)

Maria Calautti, translator, famous for her pratical and educational sew skills (you can see her sew school)

Valentina Vianello, real venetian lady, for the venetian translation, that until 220 years ago was the official language of Serenissima Republic

Other collaborators, Martino’s friends, are helping for translation in other languages. Example Irna, indonesian, Amir, iranian, for persian translation. Or Angela, chinese with italian name, with her also the chinese children will enjoy Martin’s Tales. Not forgetting Sue, corean, she is fascinated by Martin’s World and she’ll translate in her language. And other, more Martin’s friends, with them Martino Tales! will be known by all children around the world!

Nicola Gomirato, author of Martino Tales (link)

Martino’s Friends!

Martino Tales, an idea by Nicola creative mind,

developed with the enthusiastic dedication of many collaborators, Martino’s Friends!

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