What is Martino Tales?

“Martino Tales” is a literary word, formed by a group of five friends, around whom all the expressions of a life full of curiosity, adventures, moments of reflection, of observation outside and inside ourselves are circling.

Who is the Author?

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Who is Martino? Who are his friends?

Martino is a curious child, an observer, with a high level of distraction. Elena is discrete, precise, always ready to help her little brother in the solution of his embarassing moments brought about by distraction. Luigi is the extrovert child of the quintet, full of inventiveness that provides to make the adventures with friends more interesting. Felix is the group’s genius, a little introverted but always ready for a discussion that, often, is taken by him at interesting high cultural levels. Ian is the essential bridge with the World outside the group, the bearer of the wonders of nature and society’s positiveness .

more closely:

Martino is a child whose age is around eight years old. Martin is an active observer. He wants to know, understand, obtain the knowledge of the subject of his curiosity to then talk about it with someone else, thus elaborating the knowledge.

Elena is Martino little sister, and she’s around six and a half years old. If Martino is an observer with , often, his head in the clouds, Elena is the rational observer, always ready to take part in her brother’s adventures, by so doing pointing out the initial natural contradictions of an expansive observer as his brother is. Elena is composed, more linear in the way to be, precise anyhow with a sweet and gentle character.

Luigi is one of Martino three friends- oter than his the little sister – met in a party, a fire brigade demonstration, become straight away an excellent alley to make the adventures with friends more interesting.  Luigi likes to play with words , he has much inventiveness and he likes to act. His expansive and cheerful character allows him to be an excellent link between the small group of friends and the exterior. Luigi, infact, is the presenter of the little shows that, each Saturday, the five friends show to a public of parents and pleased interested children. Many of those shows are some of Luigi’s”solos”, an enthusiastic narrator, those often invented by him on the spot.

Felix is another protagonist of the quintet. Felix is a mathematician, he likes a lot to think, and talk about the wonders belonging to the maths’world. Often, Martino finds him in the park, sitting leaning against the park’s main tree – a big magnolia, meeting place of the five friends – while he’s writing a short musical composition. Yep, Felix is also a composer, he divides his main interest with music. Are there maths difficoulties? Here’s when friends talk about it with Felix. If Luigi can be considered the fantasy genius, Felix can be the rational genius of the group. Excellent connoisseur of the musical world actively participating to the Saturday’s little shows. Furthermore,Felix, plays the French horn.

Ian is the curiosity bringer outside the group. Ian is a traveller, often he accompanies the dad during his long journeys around the World and, returning home, he meets friends straight away to tell his adventures, discoveries, wonders seen in the visited Countries. Ian is a skater, he plays the cello and enthusiastically joins the adventures of the little group.

Every now and then, in the activity of the five friends, participates also Lexie, Ian’s little cousin, a curious child – who ice skates – of Elena same age, also attracted by the beauty of music, a topic often present in the five friends discussions.

Musically speaking, Martino is a violin player who is interested by all aspects of music, Elena plays the flute, Luigi plays percussions, Felicx plays the french horn and Ian plays the cello.

Some “characteristics” to know?

Of course! Peculiarity of “Martino Tales” is the presence of a great number of friends of dad’s. Often visited by him accompanied by his children, those friends are source of tales, curiosities, teaching and giving moments of healthy fun. Some friend will become teacher of his skills towards the two children.

How much stories are written?

Martino Tales is made up of 1200 ordered tales in  10 great categories, each contains different series of tales, and each tale is made up of 12 stories. Each series, furthermore, has its follow up in other series by the same name and marked with part 2, part 3, and so on. (link to all Martino tales published for children between 4 and 10)

From where come the idea of Martino?

For a simple intuition, however with the help of pupils of Nicola, the author, for a long time music teacher. One day, while Nicola was introducing his young students to the French Horn, a musical instrument made​of brass, Guido, the youngest student, asks if it’s easy or difficult play this instrument. Nicola said it was not difficult, just try and, with the help of a good teacher of music, start classes and then ... play! Guido says he would like to learn to play this wonderful musical instrument, but does not want to go to another music teacher. Nicola, then, had the idea of​​writing short stories for children about how you learn to play. Martino and the French Horn is the very first tale of what would become a long series of tales.

Who is the author?

You can find the answer looking to the author’s presentation page,

How much series are ready?

So many! Currently are 82, and each series is formed in turn by 12 tales. The main series, "The Adventures of Martino", is formed by more than 70 tales that from time to time become more and more numerous. Then "Martino and the Animals", “Martino interviewer”, Martino and the kitchen, Martino and the professions, Martino and the Arts, Martino and Numbers, Martino and the world, Martino and chess, Martino and daddy’s stories, Luigi music’s stories, the stories of Felix the matematician, Martino and the acting, Martino and ...

How is possible to receive the stories of Martino?

Going to ENROLL PAGE and become Martino friend!

So, each week, on Thursday evening, you’ll receive the story by e-mail in PDF format and in a web personal page. Is planned, in a time not far away, the preparation of a personal webpage within the site reserved for each subscriber, where you will find links to all published stories, available throughout the period of subscription to the Martino Tales.

Why Martino Tales?

The child likes to build. Whatever type of construction, from the material one to the mental one. The mental construction  can be intended playing with numbers or with words, play games that imply determined mental connections, for instance the game of chess. Also it can be intended drawing a landscape : the mind sees and translates on paper his vision with all its details. It’s important, for the child, to build. If we consider the mind of a new born child as a blank slate, we have to, though, bear in mind that centuries of civilization have prepared his mind to absorb quickly -making his own- whichever impulse and mostly important, elaborating it. It’s the elaboration skill , more than the absorbing skill that must be developed in the child’s mind. This has to be done considering the child’s natural predisposition towards curiosity and the unknown, present since his birth.

With Martino Tales a parallel reality is proposed that introduces positively at the many aspects of life, following the inborn faculty of imagination , the child’s own, by the side of the other most important quality, curiosity.

Reading Martino Tales the young reader enters this parallel World and finds himself absorbed, living with its protagonists the many adventures and elaborating them, taking part with enthusiasm. It’s here that “Martino” intervenes, allowing a serene and positive development of the child’s mental evolution, guiding him towards that internal calm and soul strength that will allow him to face at best the various realities that, one after the other, will come up during his growth.

Who are Martino Friends?

Good question! And prompt reply! Both inside and outside the tales there are many, many friends of Martino. Outside the tales, well, there are cartoonists, translators, as well as the organizers are all Martin’s friends, excited to collaborate on the development and divulgation of Martino Tales. Lately, many many moms and dads are becoming Martino Friends, glad to be able to give their contribution to the spread of the Martino Tales.

Inside the tales, as you will discover, there are those who, in reality author's friends, entered literary on the Martino Tales. With their characteristics they contributed to the realization of the tales. Like, for example, Ivan the sportsman, Betty the Celtic Harp player, Otto the gardener, Archibald the doctor, Maria the dressmaker, Jussi the finnish writer and lot, lot more...

Manuality is so important  for the early childhood. It is present in Martino?

Yes! Another aspect of "Martino Tales" is the large space that is reserved to draw, to build, to make ideas. And to cook. Martino and Elena, in fact, every Tuesday are preparing a different dish, once to prepare lunch and another time for making sweets for some party, or for occasions that they themselves invent. Famous are "Elena’s cookies!", liked by all and present in many stories as material example for explanations of a particular topic, and how sweet corollary conclusion. Not to mention, finally, the important presence of coffee, great help for dad at times of greatest curiosity of children with their numerous requests to be satisfied.

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