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Every story is write in a dialogue style (“Dad, what is imagination?”, asks Martino during one tale; “You know, today I woke up with a new idea”, tells Martino to his friends; “Elena, are you ready? I have to interview you!” asks Martino to his little sister, and so on, allowing the young reader - and even his parents, of course - to get straight on into the story, doing it right, as if it were part of their lives.

Finally, in May 2014 Atelier 416 Publisher House released the first Martino book in italian language, where the author follows the preparation of the paper and get to train a group of employees who spread nationwide the book. Now the author is preparing the diffusion - both paper and digital - in other languages. Soon will be ready the new internet site with a personal sector where all world readers can read (and listen too!) all Martino Stories!

Enjoy Martino Tales reading the charming, funny story “Martino and Rossini” to this link!

Martino Tales !

That is the innovation, the great changement intrinsic on Martino Tales: to be conversational tales, as if there is a continuous dialogue between dad and son, or with a friend, the grandpa, or maybe some dad’s friends, and so on.

To that first tale, really liked, followed more than 1200 tales!

Yes, until today (October 2021) the author wrote 1207 Martino tales.

Yes, but... What about the birth of Martino?

“Long, long ago, in a wintry Spring 1996, answering to an interesting question submitted by a very young student (I was then  a music academy teacher), I decided to answer with a... tale! Oh, yes, the student was about four years old and his question, well, was regarding the french horn. ‘It’s easy or difficult to play that interesting instrument?’, this was his question! As you can image, the tale was not structured in a classical way - the traditional fairy tale”. (author’s words)

Usually, fairy tales and classical short stories have a beginning and an ending, and it ends there. The classic "Once upon a time", so famous going back to a few hundred years in children's literature of all countries, leads to a story that will not follow another story, however, I would add, detached from the world in which we live. This has always been traditional children's literature since its inception, mainly a work of fantasy.

With Martino we are going to live a great novelty, simple but beautiful and engaging: write a short story in form of a dialogue, with the protagonist that can easily be your reader child, with its immediate identification with and into the story.

Martino, in fact, is a child who can be any child, with all its questions, his curiosities presented to friends or dad, always ready to answer, often aided by the friendly intervention of Elena, the little sister of our main protagonist.

The reader should not expect, therefore, the classic short story in the form of a fairy tale, novel or similar.

All tales of the Martino are full of imagination, curiosity, eclectic in their arguments, albeit entertaining educational, respectful of the important qualities (curiosity, fantasy, imagination, enthusiasm, observation) that every child has from birth, but most of all continuous.

The tales, in fact, despite having each a beginning and an end are all connected to each other, as in life all the shares of each child are related. In every tale is told what can be the adventure of every child in reality, no magic, no adventures unreal, without actions in daily life that cannot happen. All that told in the Martino Tales is real, alive, awesome beauty in action.

french horn

Martino was born, first as an idea and then as realization of the same in a first short story, back in 1996.

In the course of more than 25 years since the 1996, the author continues to write short stories starring Martino touching a wide range of topics, from adventures to the kitchen, by the use of words to “divertimento” with numbers, from acting to sports, animals , science in general, arts, in addition to the large collection of tales that speak about music, art among the arts that lends itself well to the positive socialization of children.

So, each little reader can empathize completely with the adventures of Martino and his friends, strengthening their self-esteem, developing imagination and applying it to real life, addressing all aspects of our daily lives positively, forming an excellent antidote to the obstacles and negativity that today's society is always ready to present during the path of our evolution.

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What is Martino?

“Martino” is a world of tales for children aged between 4 and 10, in which a group of five little characters, with their curiosity and enthusiasm, will take you on a journey made of wonderful adventures, moments of reflection and considerations about our inner and outer self.

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